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You can choose how you give! 100% of donations go strait to the project of your choice. Browse our projects and invest in something that matters to you.

Backbone Team

Would you want to be part of all these projects everyday? We couldn't continue to impact lives overseas without a team of people that fund our general operations. We call these people our Backbone Team, and we are so grateful to have them. Join us today and be part of all that we do!

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Give Where It's Most Needed

Not sure which option to choose? We can just apply it to where it’s most needed.

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I want to support someone I know going on a trip!

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I want to get involved with an event!

Give Your Own Way

If you don't have, or are not finding something specific that you're looking to support, feel free to donate any amount and simply write in a comment what you'd like us to do with it.