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Our Story

We walked through the streets of India, seeing children living in trash heaps. We drove down dusty roads in Kenya, arriving at isolated homes made of stick and mud, meeting parents who needed to provide for their children, but just couldn’t. And we looked out a train window and saw a mom, an ordinary mom, taking her three kids to a murky puddle. She reached down and scooped dirty water, serving them one by one.

In 2009, The Hope Venture began, as a burden to simply respond. We got advice and read, “How to Start a Non-Profit for Dummies.” We got some furniture donated and a friend let us use her basement - for 5 years - to help us keep costs down. We scribbled names and ideas out on napkins and sticky notes. We drank coffee. We skyped. We prayed. And more and more people started to become “us.”

We are based in Lincoln, Nebraska, with people from over 30 states and with trusted leaders from overseas. We are teachers, baristas, toothless third graders, broke college kids, soccer moms and hotel owners. We have a unique 100% financial model that never takes a percentage of your project donations for administrative use. We value people and restore dignity to those who can’t find it. We are generous, fun, quirky, and maybe just a bit different.

Today, we are still responding to God’s leading, helping educate and train thousands of people and bringing clean water and food to those who desperately need it. It’s simply a practice of stepping into the moments we have to help lives find hope.

A dirty boy looking off in the distance.

Our Purpose

We're on an adventure to bring hope and dignity to the most disadvantaged people in the world.

Changing Lives

Sapna's Story

Sapna is from a family that has never been educated. She lives among trash and flies. But a few years ago she attended school for the first time with us. She began to get help, hope and love. Now she is in 8th grade and loves school so much she wants to become a teacher! We are so grateful to be a part of Sapna’s journey!

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