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Our Story

If you walked through the largest slum in the world or witnessed hundreds of children with no mother or father, what would you do? Poverty, hunger, dirty water, lack of sanitation, lack of education, basic needs going unmet all around you, what would you do? After several trips to India and Africa, we just could not turn a blind eye. We were compelled to action.

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This retreat has changed my life!

Sponsored High School Student, Kenya

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Our Projects

At The Hope Venture, we wanted to find tangible ways to behave compassionately. With trusted partners, we work together to tackle real problems. From education projects, to clean water, to milk from a goat, we believe anyone can take the next step with us to help a life find hope.

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Backbone Team

Due to our unique 100% model, every donation to our projects goes straight overseas to our projects. To sustain that, we have developed our crucial Backbone Team that forms the foundation for all that we do. If you've been involved with us for awhile and you like what we do, we invite you to join our Backbone Team and make a difference everyday!

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The mission of The Hope Venture is to foster a global community that is meeting the needs of people worldwide by compassionately connecting resources with needs.

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